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Harsh Justice: Comparing Prisons Around the World [Criminal Justice Degree Hub]

May 29, 2014

Take a look at this very detailed infographic by Criminal Justice Degree Hub. It provides a breakdown of global prison statistics as well as illustrations of different torture methods used at some facilities.

More info at the CJDH web site.
*ATCX do not endorse careers in criminal justice. This post is for informational purposes*


The Death Penalty in the United States

May 9, 2014 shared another great infograph, this one detailing the death penalty in the United States and other countries. Recently, an Oklahoma inmate suffered til his death after the corrections facility tried a botched injection on him.
Death penalty

Orlando Kennedy – “おたく/オタク 2006”

May 9, 2014

Orlando Kennedy, a protege of Melrose, is a 16-year-old rapper from Houston, TX. Also influenced by anime, his debut mixtape is titled OTAKU 2006. “おたく/オタク 2006” (produced by Lone Star VII) exhibits Kennedy’s raw unconventional flow. In a press release, he states “My main goal as a rapper is to help people who feel sad and lonely and make a community where people are accepted for who they are and positivity is spread.”
Listen to the track below:

Moduloktopus – “Button Pushah” + Remixes

May 9, 2014

Boston-based artist Moduloktopus’s frantic electronic single “Button Pushah” is featured on the Together Boston compilation. Its inclusion on the limited edition Together Boston EP also marks Moduloktopus’s debut on a vinyl release (via Zakim Recordings). Together Boston is a collection of original songs from producers and artists in the Boston/New England area.
Also, check out these awesome past remixes of songs by Aaliyah, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar included on the R E M I X T O P U S compilation.
Aaliyah – “Are You That Somebody (Moduloktopus #ReTwerk)”

Drake – “All Me (Moduloktopus #ReTwerk)”

Kendrick Lamar – “Bitch Dont Kill my Vibe (Moduloktopus #reTwerk bootleg)”

Sampha – Without [Wigzen ReVision]

May 9, 2014

Listen to the Wigzen remix/revision of Sampha’s “Without” released through INFINIT. The original version can be heard on the Majestic Casual – Chapter I compilation.

Griff X – GriffTape Demo

May 6, 2014

GriffTape is a bulky lo-fi alternative hip-hop mixtape I released in January. It’s a collection of songs that I worked on since 2011. Technical problems, limited resources, and stress all lead to the delay in its release.
The GriffTape Demo is an abridged more palatable version of my hip-hop mixtape reduced to 29 minutes of rhyming. It also serves as a general home demo for Griff X as a hip-hop artist. GriffTape was previously released with a CD version and unabridged Internet version.
GriffTape Demo
by Griff X



Griff X (Intro)
‘80s Baby
Not About The Benjamins
Lowdown Lavish Flow
Rhyme Mischief
27 (Part Two)
Boom Theory [Interlude]
Black Friday Flow
Pause 4 Perception
Hypnotic ‘13
The Anarchist

Griff X – Ambient Sessions

May 6, 2014

Ambient Sessions is a seamless compilation of soundscape songs composed over the last four years. It features segments and full-tracks from The Dada Theory (2010) to Chakra Deluxe (2014).
My love for ambient music stems from listening to lots of college radio late at night as a young teenager and being entranced by artists like Brian Eno and Aphex Twin. Ambient Sessions is an hour and a half ride of psychedelic immersion.
Ambient Sessions
by Griff X

Salvador Dali Must Be Painting In His Grave
Gaussian Blur
The Wasteland
September 11, 2011
Inside Of My Head (Summer 2003)
The Feel
Chakra Deluxe
Harbin (Extended Version)