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Griff X


Growing up in Southern California, Griff X was exposed to many different music styles and genres which would contribute to his eclectic style. In 2006, under the name G The SP, he recorded several songs that ranged from folk to hip-hop to experimental and psychedelic rock. A demo titled When iPods Attack!!! was distributed to close-friends; several of the tracks were uploaded to his Myspace artist page and available for free download.

In June 2010, he made his unofficial musical debut by releasing a mixtape compilation of screwed and remixed songs titled Screw You through his website. It featured several original songs that would later re-appear on his first official mixtape, The Dada Theory. The Dada Theory, an experimental art mixtape, was released from his website in July 2010. Following up on the release of his first mixtape, he released his first EP, Five Seasons of Sound on July 20, 2010, an ambient-themed project. Five Seasons of Sound, an instrumental project, exhibited a departure from his Southern alternative hip-hop influences which included Screwed (slowed down) vocals. August 2010 he released an 11 track EP mixtape, Cater to Chaos as well as Apocalyptic Serenades.

He later followed up with G Day, a hip-hop EP mixtape and a year later, By Any Means Necessary, an electronic/experimental house mixtape project. More recently, he has released a handful of hip-hop tracks for an upcoming hip-hop mixtape project. His musical influences are very broad, including artists such as Talib Kweli, Brian Eno, and Bjork.


Photography by Mlleclee

Photography by Mlleclee

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