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Over the last few years as an activist, I’ve been a witness to rampant police brutality. I’ve also been a victim of police misconduct and abuse. Some of my experiences are mentioned in The Blue Line, a song I recorded earlier this year:



We live in interesting times, when the government spies on its citizens in the most invasive ways possible and liberals rush to defend conservative positions held by their Democrat African-American president. We also live in an era of festering police brutality. And because people are so complacent and accepting of corruption, violence against citizens go on with no real accountability. Instead of officers reaping what they sow and becoming bunk-buddies  with the people they sent to prison, they get relocated to different departments and agencies. Even after the large scandals surrounding Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Kelly Thomas, and many others, the abuse continues at an alarming rate. It’s clear that officers are not only aware that they can get away with murder, but that an army of fellow officers will always fight to defend them. Along with many other copwatch activists, this page will give updates on the frequent and ongoing police brutality across the nation.


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