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FTP: Songs About Police Brutality & Harassment

March 13, 2014

The police brutality epidemic is the elephant in the room in the United States. From the civil rights movement to the anti-Vietnam protests to Rodney King to Occupy Wall Street, the police overstepped their authority and became violent towards civilians. People of color in the inner-cities and so-called ‘social misfits’ are targeted the most by law enforcement. N.W.A. and punks had something in common; they both were fed up with being oppressed by the police.

This compilation does not encourage actual violence. It serves as a collection of music expressing real-life frustration with police brutality and oppression. The rage expressed from the artists is literal and metaphorical. Also, for the sake of clarity, racial slurs heard in several punk songs are being expressed from the perspective of racist law enforcement.

Check out BrutalityWatch for news and updates of the latest police brutality cases.
Fuck The Police: Songs About Police Brutality & Harassment
Mixed by X


News Report 1
The Equals – “Police On My Back”
Demob – “Anti Police”
Dead Kennedys – “Police Truck”
Anti-Flag – “Fuck Police Brutality”
The Dicks – “The Dicks Hate The Police” + Mudhoney – “Hate The Police”
Angelic Upstarts – “Police Oppression”
Black Flag – “Police Story”
System of A Down – “Mr. Jack”
Rage Against The Machine – “Killing In The Name”
Public Enemy – “911 Is A Joke”
N.W.A. – “Fuck Tha Police”
Geto Boys – “Crooked Officer”
KRS-One – “Sound of Da Police”
Bob Marley & The Wailers – “I Shot The Sheriff”
Fela Kuti – “Sorrow, Tears and Blood”
Rick James – “Mr. Policeman”
M.D.C. – “Police Related Death”
Arctic Monkeys – “Riot Vans”
News Report 2
Bruce Springsteen – “American Skin (41 Shots) [Live]”
Michael Jackson – “They Don’t Care About Us”
Hendrix Quote
Griff X – “The Blue Line”
tUnE-yArDs – “Doorstep”
Le Tigre – “Bang! Bang!”
Kendrick Lamar – “good kid” + Talib Kweli – “The Proud”
News Report 3
2Pac – “Trapped”
News Report 3 (Reprise)
The Strokes – “New York City Cops”
Glu Gun – “L.A.P.D. (Army of the Rich)”
Dropkickmejesus – “I Hate Cops”
The Casualties – “Police Brutality”
Suicidal Tendencies – “Fascist Pig”
The Exploited – “Cop Cars”
Discharge – “Pigs”
The Oi! Scouts – “Police Harassment”
4-Skins – “ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards)”
Choking Victim – “Apple Pie & Police State”
Police Brutality Interlude
Leftover Crack – “One Dead Cop”
M.D.C. – “Dead Cops/America’s So Straight”
Dead Kennedys – “I Fought The Law”
UK Subs – “New York State Police”
Stockholm Pigs – “Nazi Cops From Hell”
The Clash – “Police On My Back”
A Comment From Malcolm X

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