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Griff X – GriffTape

January 17, 2014

Finally, this mixtape is done! I spent so much time working on it and I’m relieved to let it go. I started working on GriffTape in 2011 immediately after I dropped By Any Means Necessary. I even wrote lyrics for a few of the tracks at City Hall while camping at Occupy Los Angeles. The tracks might have a more lo-fi feel to them, and I apologize for that now, but I still managed to complete it. I quit working on this project twice after facing serious technical difficulties. I’m just glad I was able to accomplish this, at least.


GriffTape (Internet Version)
1. This Is A Public Service Announcement
2. BTS
3. Hypnotic ’13
4. 21
5. Undiscovered
6. More Than…
7. ’80s Baby
8. 26
9. Life in the Margin
10. Boom Theory
11. #NDAA
12. The Blue Line
13. Vulnerable People
14. Revolution, Brother
15. Freedom is Slavery
16. The Recession
17. 9 to 5 (To Stay Alive)
18. Rhyme Mischief
19. Eyes Wide
20. Lowdown Lavish Flow
21. On The Radio
22. Kombucha (G-Mix) [feat. Dom Jay]
23. Black Friday Flow (prod. by The BzRcyde)
24. 27
25. The 27 Club
26. That Awkward Moment
27. Pause 4 Perception
29. Not About the Benjamins
30. Lowdown Lavish Flow (Remix)
31. Bout Dat Lyfe (Parts 1 & 2)
32. X File
33. Lift
34. Forest Trees (Smoke)
35. Kombucha
36. Black Friday Flow (Original Version)
37. Butterfly x Angela (feat. Robert Glasper)
38. The Anarchist
GriffTape (CD Version)
1. This Is A Public Service Announcement
2. BTS
3. Hypnotic ’13
4. 21
5. Undiscovered
6. ’80s Baby
7. 26
8. Life in the Margin
9. Boom Theory
10. #NDAA
11. The Blue Line
12. Vulnerable People
13. The Recession
14. 9 to 5 (To Stay Alive)
15. Rhyme Mischief
16. Eyes Wide
17. Lowdown Lavish Flow
18. On The Radio
19. Black Friday Flow (prod. by The BzRcyde)
20. 27
21. That Awkward Moment
22. Pause 4 Perception
24. Not About the Benjamins
25. Lowdown Lavish Flow (Remix)
26. Lift
27. Forest Trees (Smoke)
28. Kombucha
29. Black Friday Flow
30. The Anarchist
The Internet version is unabridged; the CD version is shortened to fit on a disc.
Grab the torrent here
You can also stream/download the mixtape from DatPiff. A few tracks aren’t publicly available due to the corporate label restrictions, what a surprise. It should be obvious free mixtapes are protected under Creative Common Copyrights. In the ’80s and ’90s, they were distributed in the streets without labels restricting up and coming artists.
I worked on the songs for this project over the last several years. There was a moment I didn’t think I’d complete it because of technical difficulties and setbacks. At the beginning of the year, I announced on my website that I was taking a hiatus from music. But I felt motivated to push through anyway. Some of the songs might not have the crisp studio quality that I’d eventually like to record with, but they still get my messages across.
A lot of people helped motivate me throughout the recording journey. My brothers were great supporters and inspired me to keep pushing forward. They are mentioned on the mixtape as well (“21” was a birthday greeting to one of them). Thank you Donnie & Dom Jay for recharging my battery. It’s really cool that we were able to bond with music. Thanks to my sister, my mother, my roommate, many friends who gave me positive feedback. I also appreciate the constructive criticism. A big thank you to Cat Lee and Abel Z. for shooting my press photos and supporting me along the way as friends. Want to give a shout out and big thank you to Chris from Beaumont, TX who’s been one of my biggest supporters since 2010. Thanks to the BzRcyde from Dallas, TX for welcoming me to be a part of your Circulate The Square project and for being a part of mine. Anyone who has helped me along the way and inspired me to be a better artist and human being, thank you.
-Griff X

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