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Year In Yeezus

December 11, 2013



Kanye West had a roller coaster of a year in 2013. He became a father for the first time, got engaged to Kim Kardashian, released an album that evoked polar-opposite mixed reviews, produced one the best albums in John Legend’s career, and had multiple public meltdowns on stage and in interviews. Loved or hated, he influenced the entire popular music industry in his career. Despite his brilliance, he’s still frowned upon for bragging about it (Fiona Apple or John Coltrane never felt the need to constantly state their importance, it simply shined through their music). West spent a lot of time denouncing corporations this year, but not because of their greedy parasitic ways, but because he couldn’t integrate into their world with ease. He was challenged on this contradiction by Charlamagne Tha God during a recent radio broadcast (“New Slaves“ kind of loses its punch after hearing that interview).

He’s at a peculiar point in his life and career. He’s not always right, and he may still be in the process of doing some deep soul-searching. The healthiest way to do that would be in a similar manner as Dave Chappell (removing oneself completely from the entertainment environment for a while). Yeezus didn’t make the list, but here are some memorable highlights from Mr. West this year:
“Black Skinhead” (SNL)

Kanye’s overshadowed VMAs performance


Kanye’s Jimmy Kimmel interview

TheBound 2″ music video had a lot of people throwing tantrums, but the best response was James Franco and Seth Rogan’s epic parody of it.



Kanye’s most vulnerable moment in public this year came from a radio interview with Power 105 when he’s directly challenged on the quality of Yeezus and his blatant contradictions.

He later stopped by Sway in the Morning and got into a verbal altercation with him in the middle of the interview.

Kanye’s best interview this year was on the Juan Epstein show where he talks about the technical aspect of his music, how meeting Michael Jackson influenced him to do 808s & Heartbreak, and how drums are his Achilles heel in producing.

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