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March Against Monsanto

May 22, 2013


via March Against Monsanto


Location: Pershing Square
We are assembling at Pershing Square between 9-11am. Then we March to Spring St and the Rally will be held there.

Event Day Agenda: MAM
10am-Assemble at Pershing Square

11am- March begins! We will be starting at the corner of 5th and S. Hill St and march North to First, then head East to Spring St. where the Street is blocked off and assemble there for the Rally.

12-1pm-Assembly on Spring St. finished Rally begins. We have 4 speakers scheduled but, this may change.

3pm-(approx)- The rally ends but, all participants are welcome to stay and spend time gathering information flyers, meeting new people and sharing their own info.

5pm-Disband and March ends.
{All times except the start of the march are tentative based on the amount of people and time it takes to march together.}

For more info visit the March Against Monsanto website.


*A Tribe Called X does not support the ‘Non-Violence’ statement published by Occupy Monsanto and March Against Monsanto. People aren’t arguing for the right to be violent; they’re concerned about organizers running to snitch to a para-military force (law enforcement) instead of defusing the situation themselves (as I’ve seen done successfully numerous times with Occupy). If any activist is truly against violence and truly an advocate for peace, he or she will not run to an agency of violence for defense. It’s common sense. I support autonomy.*


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