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The Problem with Obama and the American Plutocracy

November 14, 2012

In a world that puts profit over the value of human life, we are pigeon-holed into voting red or blue, Democrat or Republican. Most people in California will vote Obama, but are they sure of who and what they are endorsing? This is the man that has increased the number of deportations under his administration, tearing immigrant families apart. He signed the National Defense Authorization Act secretly, administering a media blackout preventing any mainstream network from reporting on it. The N.D.A.A. allows the American government to label you a terrorist if they see you a threat in any way, strip you of your constitutional rights taking away your right to fair trial. They can do whatever they want to you, including detaining you indefinitely. This became to be known as anti-Occupy Wall St. legislation, along with H.R. 347. There are activists who are facing federal charges right now for simply expressing their freedom of speech in a non-violent way, being a voice of dissent. The Obama administration, like the Nixon administration attempts to silence those voices.

Obama is a corporate president. He has broken records raising the most money in any presidential campaign ever, while we are in a recession. Guantanamo Bay is still open although he promised numerous times to close it. The Defense of Marriage Act is still being enforced, which basically subjugates a significant number of Americans to being second-class citizens in the 21st century. Queer Americans who want to marry literally do not have the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts. But Obama conveniently decides to support same-sex marriage during his re-election campaign. And let’s not forget about the infamous drone strikes. The Obama administration is responsible for the deaths of many men, women and children in Afghanistan- innocent families, not ‘terrorists.’ Sometimes all they have to do is label someone an ‘insurgent.’ The terrorism that the United States does overseas in the name of democracy under the Obama administration, as well as the Bush administration and the ones before them, is disgusting.

Obama has also perpetuated the racist war on drugs which only benefits the plutocracy and drug-lord regimes, all at the cost of many young black and brown people being racially profiled, targeted, and incarcerated. The war on drugs is one of the prime reasons why prisons have a large percentage of Black and Latin inmates. His administration continues to legalize cannabis, restricting a very effective medicine from people who live out of states that permit medical marijuana. Even in the states where it is offered legally, his administration have cracked down and raided dispensaries, stealing medicine from thousands of patients.

His administration allows law enforcement to murder innocent people across the country with NO officers being reprimanded. Because the president and many men and women in uniform are of color, people are under the impression that we are achieving progress. An oppressor can come in any color. The Republican Party is obviously detached from present reality and is an extension of the racist imperialist Klan culture that was the cancer to the United States. It’s obvious how bigoted they are, it’s worn on their sleeves. Democrats serve you their bigotry with a smile on their face and a knife in the back; the two-party system is ineffective. Votes don’t elect politicians, corporations do. Obama passed more unconstitutional legislation in 4 years than

Bush did in 8 years. He extended the Patriot Act. None of us have privacy anymore; privacy was erased post-9/11. Facebook is controlled by the US government; it’s why they are able to use facial recognition software. We live in a full-blown police state where cops are murdering innocent people left and right and getting away scott clean. And they want to keep you all distracted with reality TV, dumbed-down pop music, and a phony election while the world is crumbling underneath the evil this nation perpetuates. Why would I vote for that? How about we stop putting faith in corrupt politicians and start putting faith in ourselves.

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