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D’Angelo- Voodoo (Screwed)

December 31, 2011

D’Angelo is one those artists whose music I always heard around me growing up. My mother had Brown Sugar (his debut album) on cassette tape. I would sometimes sneak and listen to it by myself. It was something about this dude and his music that I liked from an early age. Re-discovering D’Angelo as an adult was utterly refreshing, to hear all of these songs that I grew up with in a new texture, from the perspective of a fellow adult. As a kid I also was unaware of his musicianship. Like Prince, D is also a gifted multi-instrumentalist, an auteur. His second album Voodoo set the stage for the “neo-soul” movement, which produced other great artists such as Jill Scott and Anthony Hamilton. Voodoo  is an  immaculate funky groove-based masterpiece. I had to give it the Screw treatment. Not as much editing was done on this one; it’s primarily a slowed version of the  original version.



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