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Mic Check! (A short animated film)

December 23, 2011

Mic Check is a short informational animated video on the National Defense Authorization Act and the dire threat to civil liberties and freedom of speech. It was created with the Xtranomal software. In the short, Jamal, an Occupy Wall St. activist, informs Barbara, a self-identified moderate, about the NDAA, COINTELPRO, and the war on activists.




Complete text/script (final version):

Complete text/script (first version including omitted character, Moon):–Bccia_rhbM/edit


Learn more about the National Defense Authorization Act:

Detention threats beyond Section 1031 and 1032

Full-text of the bill

Al Franken’s Reason for Retracting His Vote and Taking a Stand Against the Bill


Learn more about COINTELPRO

Collection of documents, text, FBI files on 1960s activists/political figures

FBI files, suggested research books, additional information


COINTELPRO 101- The Sabotage of Legitimate Dissent:

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