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Griff X- By Any Means Necessary (Mixtape)

September 29, 2011

I’ve worked on this mixtape since the beginning of the year, and I’m so happy to finally have it completed. It’s a it of an evolution for me, but still in the same vein as my previous experimental works. It’s a collection of ambient pieces, experimental house, and sound collage. “Digital Utopia” is the only original song not recorded this year; I recorded it in January 2006. By Any Means Necessary is the first of two mixtapes to be released this fall. The second mixtape will be entirely hip-hop based. But for now, enjoy the fruits of my labor and please share with friends and bloggers. This release date also falls on my 25th birthday.


01. Happy Welcome
02. Goodness (Oh My)
03. Pulse
04.Silver Lake at Midnight
05. Headphones & Sunshine
06. Yoga
07. He Lived in Colors
08. Mr. Red’s Salvia Trip
09. Mac Murders PC
10. PC Murders Mac
11. Swallowed by the Abstract
12. Digital Utopia
13. Waiting for September
14. September 11, 2001
15. September 11, 2011
16. Silver Lake at Midnight (Remix)
17. My Girls
18. Secrets & Shadows


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