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The Middle East- I Want That You Are Happy (Album Review)

September 3, 2011

Micro Album Review


Released April 8 (in Australia)/July 12 (in the United States), 2011 (Spunk)

The Australian release of The Recordings of the Middle East album (and its abridged EP), showed the world The Middle East was one of the most talented and promising bands coming out in recent years. The songwriting was brilliant; the production could be as light as a feather but very heavy with emotion. It was quite evident that the Australia-natives were superior to their other indie-folk peers. The so-called studio debut, I Want That You Are Happy shows the band taking a sharp turn into alt-country and unfortunately flattening its sound. The raw emotion, delicacy, and brilliance from their previous efforts is toned down on this album, leaving a collection of mediocre folk songs that probably would have worked better as b-sides. The band’s expansion and growth shows signs of quintessential maturity in the approach to songwriting, however the change in style didn’t live up to expectations. And to further add insult to injury, the band broke up three months after the album’s release.

“My Grandmother Was Pearl Hall” ~ “Months” ~ “Sydney To Newcastle”

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