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The Barry Brothers- Yawnin’ in the Dawnin’ (Album Review)

September 3, 2011

Released May 19, 2011 (100% Records)

There’s really nothing new under the sun in music, and that’s why it’s important for artists to always stay on their toes when approaching songwriting. The debut EP from the New York-based band of brothers is an earnest effort, but very safe- reminiscent of some of the blander moments on Monster of Folk’s 2009 self-titled debut or Ryan Adams when most uninspired. The Barry Brothers are talented, that can’t be denied, but its debut EP is an example of why even talent can only get you so far if there isn’t much creativity or innovation behind it. Tracks like “Three Years in Carolina” can easily be an alt-country stadium anthem, but so could hundreds of other songs that sound just like it. The music isn’t bad, but it should be a goal of every folk-rock band to avoid sounding like Nickelback as much as possible. The strongest songwriting is on “Drink One More,” where the composition and arrangements are a bit more adventurous. It’s obvious that The Barry Brothers’ music will resonate more with blue-collar Southerners and Mid-West folks more than it will with the Fleet Foxes-loving indie fans in Williamsburg. The same pop elements in its music that will attract newer fans will be the same thing to turn other potential fans away.

Listen to the EP here.

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