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Game- The R.E.D. Album

September 3, 2011

Micro Album Review


Released August 23, 2011 (DGC/Interscope)

LAX was Game’s official step into the arena as a hip-hop heavy-weight. On his fourth studio album he takes a position as a brand new veteran, shining light on frontman of the New West Coast movement, Kendrick Lamar, and spitting on tracks with other new hip-hop crossovers, Drake and Tyler the Creator. As usual, Game’s beat selections are impeccable, even managing to get a track out of DJ Premier (“Born in the Trap”). Game sounds much more confident as a rapper and tad bit more mature, yet still sending confusing and troubling mixed signals by advocating gang culture (RED standing as a tribute to the infamous Bloods street gangs). Closing track “California Dream” is the most authentic and mature song Game has ever record. This is clearly a step up from LAX rather than a step down. The wait for Game to grow up from album to album might actually be worth it.

“The City” ~ “Born in the Trap” ~ “California Dream”

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