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My 10 Favorite Aaliyah Songs

August 25, 2011



Ten years ago today, one of my favorite entertainers passed away in a tragic plane crash in The Bahamas. The music industry has changed so much since 2001, but there is no doubt things would be different if Aaliyah was still here. Here is my list of  my ten most favorite Aaliyah songs.


10.  “Back & Forth”



A mature and talented 14 year old Aaliyah made her debut with this song, which will forever be a part of my childhood memories.


9. “Are You That Somebody”



Released in 1998 from the Dr. Dolittle soundtrack, this track showed how innovative and creative Timbaland’s production is, while also highlighting Aaliyah’s effortlessly breezy laid back voice.


8. “4 Page Letter”



“4 Page letter” was a laid-back chill song backed by Aaliyah’s usual team of Missy Elliott and Timbaland.  The music video was theatrical and very memorable,  taking the creativity in R&B music videos to the next level.


7. “Hot Like Fire (Remix)”



The remix for “Hot Like Fire” is one of those rare cases in which the remix is actually superior to the original. Produced by Missy and Timbaland as well, this single is one of most favorite and beloved Aaliyah songs.


6.  “One In A Million”



The title-track from her sophomore album was a big commercial hit and was accompanied with a music video that sparked rumors about her and colleague Ginuwine dating.


5. “If Your Girl Only Knew”



Another top favorite Aaliyah song of mine, released in 1996 when she was only 16 years old.


4. “More Than A Woman”



Released  Novemer 2001, “More Than A Woman” is Aaliyah’s first posthumous single. It was written by the late Static Major (who passed away in 2o08) and Timbaland. When I bought Aaliyah’s self titled album that year, this song grabbed my attention right away and I’ve been in love with it ever since.


3. “At Your Best (You Are Love)”



This Isley Brothers cover was as smooth as satin and a baby’s bottom… and to think that all of this talent came from a shy 14 year old girl. My fondest memory of this song was hearing it on the radio late at night when I slept over my cousin’s apt. in the early ’90s-  a simple moment, but a memory that’ll stay with me forever.

2.  “I Care 4 U”



This soulful slow-jam was released as a single almost a year after Aaliyah’s death. It was originally recorded in 1996 and missed making One in a Million.  She stated in an interview that it was her favorite song off of her self-titled album.


1. “We Need A Resolution”



The music video was dark and slick, and the song’s production was flawless. Aaliyah delivered vocally and upgraded her sex appeal in a way people never saw her before. She was starting to get very interesting right before she passed. Although every other song mentioned is much loved by me, the first single from her self-titled album remains my most favorite.


Honorable Mention


“It’s Whatever”



“It’s Whatever” was a non-single track from her 2001 self-titled album. The production, done by Rapture Stewart and Eric Seats, was an indication that perhaps Aaliyah was going to take an even more progressive approach towards her music in the future.

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