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Kendrick Lamar- Section 80 (Album Review)

August 11, 2011

Micro Album Review


Section 80 is the biggest sound to come from West Coast hip-hop since Dr. Dre. Backed by gifted up-and-coming producers like THC and Sounwave, Kendrick rhymes and flows the way a rapper is suppose to. His voice effortlessly flows over the beats like a saxophone in a jazz song.  On Overly Dedicated, Kendrick proved that he was the most talented out of all of the up-and-coming rappers of Generation Y; he pushes himself further as a lyricist on Section 80. His equal respect for the hood and his art is reminiscent of Tupac, while his spacey progressive production and monotone singing is reminiscent of Kid Cudi, except Lamar is what Kid Cudi could be if he had the lyrical skills of Nas. He is mature enough to be brutally self-aware of himself and his generation of peers, yet juvenile enough to comfortably spit lines like “I’m going big/Suck my dick/Too many niggas and not enough hoes/And most of you niggas, acting like hoes.” Regardless, he is a very gifted rapper who has a very promising future ahead of him.

Key tracks: “Ronald Reagan Era” ~ “Rigamortus” ~ “HiiiPower”

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