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10 Reasons Why I Think Turntable.FM is Awesome

July 11, 2011

10. It allows you to interact with other music enthusiasts in real time.

9. It is a much more hands-on and interactive way of listening to music online compared to other internet radio sites.

8. You get to publicly  share your favorite songs with strangers and friends.

7. Rare and random celebrity encounters with celebrities DJing alongside fans.

6. The limitation for new users joining (must have a facebook account and a friend on facebook who is already on to join), slows down the masses from joining the site, keeping it a tad bit exclusive. This is a good thing. When the general public flood social networking sites, they usually decrease its quality. It is better to have a limited group of true crate-digging music enthusiast on than people who will try to come in your room and play Justin Beiber. Call it elitism if you want;  I call it quality control.

5. It gives you the opportunity to discover new music and artists you might have never come across otherwise. If you like a song someone is playing, you can click on the “turntable queue” button to add it to your queue playlist.

4. It gives you the option to add music that isn’t already in the database- this is great for independent/unsigned artists and people who want to share their music on the site.

3. The majority of music spinning on is alternative/indie music across the board (indie rock, indie folk, indie hip-hop, alternative rock alternative hip-hop, experimental electronic, dubstep, etc.).

2. Hate the music people are playing in the room you are in? Create your own room and invite friends to DJ with you. The “Create Room” option gives you the power to control what kind of music you want played in your room. Assign it a theme if you want, boot trolls as a moderator, create rules if you want, play whatever you want.

1. The songs are pulled from the massive MediaNet database which contains almost any song you can think of. It allows users to stream their favorite tracks, even if it’s obscure, for free.

*Note: indicated in its FAQ that in the future users will be able to join without a Facebook account.

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