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Björk: 50 Greatest Songs

September 6, 2010

Björk has been one of the most innovate and influential music artists over the past 17 years. She rocked out with Tappi Tíkarrass, KUKL, and The Sugarcubes before launching her solo music career as an adult. She introduced many people to experimental music and presented it in a way that was radical yet accessible. Below is a list of 50 songs believed to be her strongest, musically and artistically.

50. “On and Ever Onward” (with Dirty Projectors) {Mount Wittenberg Orca EP}
49. “Big Time Sensuality” (Debut)
48. “Who Is It” (Medúlla)
47. “One Day” (Debut)
46. “Isobel” (Post)
45. “Charlene” (Isobel Single)
44. “Violently Happy” (Debut)
43. “The Anchor Song” (Debut)
43. “Pleasure Is All Mine” (Medúlla)
41. “Wanderlust” (Volta)
40. “Earth Intruders (Lexx Remix)” (Earth Intruders- Club Mixes EP)
39. “I Miss You (Dobie Rub Part One – Sunshine Mix)” (Telegram)
38. “Bath” (The Music from Drawing Restraint 9)
37. “Play Dead” (Debut)
36. “My Spine” (Telegram)
35. “Harm of Will” (Vespertine)
34. “The Dull Flame of Desire” (Volta)
33. “Venus As A Boy (Anglo American Extension)” (Venus As A Boy Single)
32. “Náttúra” (Náttúra Single)
31. “New World” (Selmasongs)
30. “Ancestors” (featuring Tagaq) {Medúlla}
29. “Come to Me” (Debut)
28. “Scatterheart” (Selmasongs)
27. “I See Who You Are” (Volta)
26. “All Neon Like” (Homogenic)
25. “Alarm Call” (Homogenic)
24. “Enjoy” (Post)
23. “Desired Constellation” (Medúlla)
22. “Immature” (Homogenic)
21. “I’ve Seen It All (featuring Thom Yorke)” {Selmasongs}
20. “Human Behavior” (Debut)
19. “Cocoon” (Vespertine)
18. “It’s Oh So Quiet” (Post)
17. “Triumph of a Heart” (Medúlla)
16. “Declare Independence” (Volta)
15. “Hyperballad” (Post)
14. “Possibly Maybe” (Post)
13. “Vertebrae By Vertebrae” (Volta)
12. “So Broken” (Homogenic Live)
11. “Joga” (Homogenic)
10. “Oceania” (Medúlla)
9. “Earth Intruders” (Volta)
8. “Army of Me” (Post)
7. “I Miss You” (Post)
6. “It’s In Our Hands” (Greatest Hits)
5. “Pluto” (Homogenic)
4. “Bachelorette” (Homogenic)
3. “Hunter” (Homogenic)
2. “Pagan Poetry” (Vespertine)
1. “All is Full of Love” (Greatest Hits)

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Gaurav permalink
    December 16, 2011 12:28 am

    I’ve Seen It All is pretty low, but otherwise a great list..

    • Gaurav permalink
      December 16, 2011 12:30 am

      Oh, and yes..Aurora getting completely left out is a big shame, considering its a Top 20 contender..

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