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LeftOvers for Music Lovers!!!

June 22, 2010

After packaging and releasing a four-part collection of screwed and remixed songs called Screw You, I still had some stray songs leftover. I posted the stray tracks here on the site, and you can see them in previous posts. I decided to gather up the stray songs as well as some others that I’ve been working on and release that as a follow-up mixtape. Also, included is Homogenic (Screwed) and The Love Below (Screwed). Complete albums by Bjork and Andre 3000 that I mixed earlier on.


01. Jackson 5- “Dancing Machine (Screwed)”
02. John Legend- “Let’s Get Lifted Again (Screwed)”
03. Mos Def- “The Panties (Screwed)”
04. Marvin Gaye- “I Want You (Screwed)”
05. Robin Thicke- “Dream World/Cry No More (Screwed Mix)”
06. Jill Scott- “He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat)- (Screwed)”
07. Ludacris feat. Shawnna- “Feelin So Sexy (Screwed)”
08. Mos Def- “Casa Bey (Screwed)”
09. The Mars Volta- “Meccaamputechture (Screwed)”
10. Thom Yorke- “The Clock (Screwed)”
11. Animal Collective- “My Girls (G The SP Screwed Mix)”
12. Plants and Animals- “Mercy (Screwed)”
13. Janelle Monáe- “Neon Valley Street (Screwed)”
14. Marvin Gaye- “Trouble Man (Screwed)”
15. Beach House- “Zebra (Screwed)”
16. The Mars Volta- “Vicarious Atonement (Screwed)”
17. The Mars Volta- “Goliath”
18. Marvin Gaye- “Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)- (Screwed)”
19. Thom Yorke- “The Eraser (Screwed)”


01. “Hunter”
02. “Jóga”
03. “Unravel”
04. “Bachelorette”
05. “All Neon Like”
06. “5 Years”
07. “Immature”
08. “Alarm Call”
09. “Pluto”
10. “All Is Full of Love”


01. “The Love Below (Intro)”
02. “Love Hater”
03. “God” (Interlude)
04. “Happy Valentine’s Day”
05. “Spread”
06. “Where Are My Panties?”
07. “Prototype”
08. “She Lives in My Lap”
09. “Hey Ya!”
10. “Roses”
11. “Good Day, Good Sir”
12. “Behold a Lady”
13. “Pink & Blue”
14. “Love in War”
15. “She’s Alive”
16. “Dracula’s Wedding” (featuring Kelis)
17. “My Favorite Things”
18. “Take Off Your Cool” (featuring Norah Jones)
19. “Vibrate”
20. “A Life in the Day of Benjamin André (Incomplete)”


Mixed after I packaged LeftOvers, here is another bonus….

MGMT– “Someone’s Missing (Screwed)


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