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SCREW YOU- (The Mixtape)

June 12, 2010

For the past few weeks I’ve been rigorously working on this screw mixtape, remixing and slowing down some of my favorite songs. Initially I only planned on having maybe 30 to 40 songs at the most, but it turned into a monster project that would be broken into four large parts. I mixed over 150 songs, and 120 of them are being released in this large collection called Screw You (Parts 1-4). I’m a compilation junkie and this is one one of the largest ones I’ve compiled outside of my iPod.

Included on Part 1 are three original compositions from myself: “Revolution #None” “Introduction” and “Listen To Me When You Are High.” The quality on “Introduction” is far from a mastered studio track, but it works for now. Also, I’d like to thank Michael Machado over at for allowing online rappers to rhyme over his beats. “Introduction” is one of his originals (“Tribal Funk”).

This is my first time taking on a project like this at this level. This is all done as a faithfully devoted music fan. Looking over the track-lists you can see that I LOVE music period- no matter what genre. This IS a screw mixtape so nearly all of the songs are slowed down. There are only a few songs that are chopped or have chop characteristics.

I would also like to say that I do not own the rights to any of these songs in their original or altered form. My purpose is not to profit from this project at all whatsoever, but to simply share music with other music-lovers. I expect that this project will be treated like other mixtapes circulated on the internet, made for music-lovers and fans.

The tracklistings are below.


-Griff X


01. Gene Wilder – “Pure Imagination (Screwed)”
02. MGMT- “4th Dimensional Transition (Screwed)”
03. Erykah Badu- “Out My Mind, Just In Time (On Speed)”
04. Maxwell- “Bad Habits (Screwed)”
05. Alicia Keys- “Empire State of Mind (Part 1 and 2)- (Screwed)”
06. Usher- “Okay (Screwed)”
07. Grizzly Bear- “Ready, Able (Screwed)”
08. The Black Keys- “Lies (Screwed Mix)”
09. Björk- “Pluto (Screwed)”
10. Janelle Monáe- “BaBopByeYa (Screwed)”
11. Kid Cudi- “Enter Galactic (Screwed Mix)”
12. The Jimi Hendrix Experience- “Are You Experienced? (Screwed)”
13. Kanye West- “Bad News (G The SP Screwed Mix)”
14. Beyoncé- “Gift From Virgo (G The SP Screwed Mix)”
15. Bjork/Elliott Smith/Maxwell-
“I See Who You Are/Everything Means Nothing To Me/Playing Possum
(G The SP Screwed Mix)”
16. Sade- “Cherish The Day (Screwed)”
17. Drake feat. Nicki Minaj- “Up All Night (Screwed)”
18. Jay-Z- “Public Service Announcement (G The SP Screwed Remix)”
19. MGMT/Lady Gaga- “Poker Face Meets Kids”
20. Beyoncé- “Speechless (Screwed Mix)”
21. Björk- “Hunter (Screwed)”
22. Radiohead- “The National Anthem (Screwed)”
23. Kirk Franklin and The Family – “When I Think About Jesus (Screwed)”
24. Jay-Z- “Lucifer (Screwed)”
25. Maxwell- “Pretty Wings (Screwed Mix)”
26. Sade- “No Ordinary Love (Screwed Mix)”
27. Griff X- “Introduction”
28. Griff X- “Listen To Me When You Are High”
29. The Beatles- “Revolution 1”
30. Griff X- “Revolution #None”

Download Part 1


01. Gang Starr/Mobb Deep/Lil’ Kim- “Mass Appeal/Quiet Storm (Remix)/Shook Ones 2  (G The SP Screwed Mix)”
02. Drake- “Show Me A Good Time (Screwed)”
03. Björk- “Triumph of a Heart (Screwed)”
04. Janelle Monáe- “Say You’ll Go”
05. Jay-Z- “Public Service Announcement (G The SP Remix)”
06. Beyoncé- “Sweet Dreams (Screwed)”
07. Usher feat. Nicki Minaj- “Lil Freak (G The SP Screwed Remix)”
08. M.I.A.- “Boyz (Screwed)”
09. Rihanna- “Rude Boy (Screwed)”
10. Lady GaGa- “Poker Face (Screwed)”
11. Björk- “Hunter (Reversed)”
12. Radiohead- “The Gloaming (Softly Open Our Mouths In The Cold)- (Screwed)”
13. Erykah Badu- “Twinkle (Reversed)”
14. Elliott Smith- “Waltz #1/Between the Bars (G The SP Screwed Mix)”
15. K-Ci- “If You think You’re Lonely Now (Screwed)”
16. Raheem DeVaughn feat. Malik Yusef- “Fragile (Screwed)”
17. Drake- “Houstatlantavegas (Screwed)”
18. Sade- “Smooth Operator (Screwed)”
19. Robin Thicke- “Sex Therapy (Screwed)”
20. Stevie Wonder- “Always (Screwed)”
21, Metallica- “One (Screwed)”
22. Deftones- “Knife Party”
23. M.I.A.- “XR2 (Screwed)”
24. The Jimi Hendrix Experience- “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)- (Screwed)”
25. Radiohead- “Everything In Its Right Place (Screwed)”
26. Björk- “Oceania (Reversed)”
27. Drake feat. Jay-Z- “Light Up (Screwed)”
28. Raheem DeVaughn feat. Damian Marley- “Revelations 2010 (Screwed)”
29. Jay-Z- “D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-tune)- (Screwed)”
30. Jay-Z- “On To The Next One (Featuring Swizz Beatz)- (Reversed)”

Download Part 2

Screw You- Part 3

01. Raheem DeVaughn- “Nobody Wins A War (Screwed)”
02. Drake feat. Trey Songz and Lil Wayne- “Successful (Screwed)”
03. Lenny Williams- “Because I Love You (G the SP Screw Mix)”
04. Michael Jackson- “Off The Wall (Screwed)”
05. Jazmine Sullivan- “Lions, Tigers, Bears (Screwed)”
06. Rihanna- “Russian Roulette (Screwed)”
07. Monica feat. Ludacris- “Still Standing (Screwed)”
08. Drake- “Brand New (G The SP Screwed Mix)”
09. John Coltrane- “Russian Lullaby (G The SP Screwed Mix)”
10. The Jimi Hendrix Experience- “Voodoo Chile (Screwed)”
11. Björk- “Oceania (Screwed)”
12. Radiohead- “Sail To The Moon (Brush The Cobwebs of the Sky)- (Screwed Mix)”
13. Raheem DeVaughn- “Garden Of Love (Screwed)”
14. Michael Jackson- “Earth Song (Screwed)”
15. Lady GaGa- “Speechless (Screwed)”
16. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- “Runaway (Screwed)”
17. Crass- “Shaved Women (Screwed)”
18. Janelle Monáe feat Big Boi- “Tightrope (Screwed)”
19. John Lennon- “Hold On (Screwed)”
20. Kid Cudi- “Sky Might Fall (Screwed)”
21. T.I.- “I’m Illy (Screwed)”
22. Jay-Z feat. Swizz Beats- “On To The Next One  (Screwed)”
23. Ciara feat. Missy Elliott- “Work (Screwed)”
24. Ludacris- “How Low (Chopped and Screwed)”
25. Drake- “Over (Screwed)”
26. Björk- “Pagan Poetry (Voltaic Live Version Screwed)”
27. John Lennon- “God (Screwed)”
28. Bob Marley- “Exodus (Screwed)”
29. Suicidal Tendencies- “Institutionalized (Screwed)”
30. Björk- “All Is Full of Love (Voltaic Live Version Screwed)”

Download Part 3


01. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- “Zero (G The SP Screwed Mix)”
02. Grizzly Bear- “Two Weeks (Screwed Mix)”
03. Kid Cudi- “Day N Nite (G the SP Mix)”
04. Usher- “Mars Vs Venus (Screwed)”
05. Erykah Badu- “Twinkle (Screwed)”
06. Radiohead- “The Gloaming (Softly Open Our Mouths In The Cold)- (On Speed)”
07. Tony Toni Tone- “Anniversary (Screwed)”
08. MGMT- “Siberian Breaks (Screwed)”
09. Beach House- “Lover Of Mine (Screwed)”
10. Raheem DeVaughn- “Mr. Right (Screwed)”
11. Jay-Z- “Allure (Screwed)”
12. Alicia Keys feat. Drake- “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)- (Screwed)”
13. Radiohead- “Pyramid Song (Screwed)”
14. Rihanna feat Jeezy- “Hard (G The SP Screwed Mix)”
15. Lady GaGa- “Paparazzi (Screwed)”
16. Michael Jackson- “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (Screwed)”
17. Usher- “Hey Daddy (Screw Mix)”
18. Beyonce- “Why Don’t You Love Me (Screwed)”
19. Kukl- “Assassin (Screwed)”
20. Deftones- “RX Queen (Screwed)”
21. John Lennon- “Well Well Well (Chopped and Screwed)”
22. Drake feat. Bun B and Lil Wayne- “Uptown (Screwed)”
23. Ludacris (feat Nicki Minaj)- “My Chick Bad (Screwed)”
24. Usher feat. Nicki Minaj- “Lil Freak (G The SP Remix)”
25. M.I.A- “Bamboo Banga (Screwed)”
26. Rihanna feat. Slash- “Rockstar 101 (Screwed)”
27. Black Flag- “My War (Screwed)”
28. Björk- “Earth Intruders (G The SP Screwed Mix)”
29. Björk- “Vertebrae by Vertebrae (Voltaic Live Version Screwed)”
30. Radiohead- “Like Spinning Plates (Screwed)”

Download Part 4


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