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20 Advisable Life Lessons for Gay/Bisexual Men

April 4, 2009

I read an article on called “Life Lessons for Gay Man,” but it didn’t impress me much. So I decided to comprise a more realistic list that gay/bisexual men really should abide by.  But this is just my advice, it isn’t gospel.

1. Just because you have a biological sexual attraction to other men does not mean that you have to subscribe to all of the stereotypical things commonly associated with gay culture.

2. You can’t ask for the gay community to be taken seriously by a conservative society if you continue to perpetuate the image of sex, lust, and promiscuity.

3. If you are 40 and older and unhappy with your love life, perhaps you should stop fishing for guys half your age- and find satisfaction with men who ARE your age.

4. Discriminating against certain ethnicites and putting “white and latin only” on your profile makes you look like a racist and bigot, no matter what your personal preference is.

5. Racism is prevelant in the gay community, and if you want to truly be a progressive person- you should perhaps extend your social circle beyond people of just your race.

6. White gay men should look at men of color as actual human beings and not sex objects with large penises.

7. If you are HIV+ and continue to have promiscuous unprotected sex, you have a serious problem and should go see a psychatrist. In some states you can be put in prison for doing that.

8. Straight-acting basically means being a phony. “Masculine” would be a proper substitute for such a hypocritical phrase.

9. If your lovers have been lame, stop picking them from off the internet and the clubs/bars. Look for better qualities in people you would like to share your life with.

10. If you seriously dislike drama and cattiness, stop surrounding yourself around people who are about nothing but drama and cattiness.

11. Being gay doesn’t mean that you have to be a whore. If you want to start a family and marry- focus on making it happen.

12. Bisexuality does not equate to promiscuity. It simply means that a person have more options of who or what they are sexually attracted to.

13. Always use protection. Even with your partners, unless both of you get tested together regularly.

14. If you star in pornographic videos or take pornographic photographs, remember that film is pretty-much forever- in time, it could come back to bite you in the ass.

15. Gay or bisexual is just a sexual orientation- it shouldn’t be the essence of everything that you are as a person. Your sexual orientation should not define who you are.

16. Stop being so judemental. There are MANY MANY different kinds of gay men. Learn to embrace the diversity in the community.

17. Less gays in the bars- more gays in the street! If you really want your rights, you must fight for them. Prove to people that you aren’t a promiscuous tool with no morals.

18. Stop cruising for sex in public. At some point in your life you might want to have some sort of stability. Bad habits have bad consenquences. It’s not healthy or productive to neglect one’s morals or self-respect.

19. Try NOT having sex on the first few dates, if you are serious about starting a relationship with someone.

20. Never be ashamed of yourself. If you are happy and treat others right, then don’t worry. Your sexual orientation just makes you different, not a heathen.

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  1. April 8, 2009 3:36 pm

    Thank God, finally someone with some sense. I totally agree with everything in your list. It’s much better than the one on

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