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The Legalize It Movement

March 28, 2009
The following is the statement for the facebook group:
There are a number of advocacy groups for the legalization of marijuana. This group is for the advocation of legalizing marijuana and same-sex marriage. Both are harmless and should be our human born and constitutional right. Alcohol is much more harmful and lethal than marijuana. And the land should never legislate against love that hurts no one. The ban on same-sex marriage is solely based off of ignorance and historical bigotry. Both issues are controlled and prohibited due to conservative dogmatic laws. We must fight against it. Legalize marijuana and legalize the right for all American people to marry. Repeal Prop. 8! Legalize weed!
Not just for the state of California, but nationally.
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  1. March 29, 2009 10:13 pm

    GOOGLE “Omnibus Equality Bill”. We Need This Now.

    If more people KNEW of the horror stories, like Tim Coco’s or Laurel Hester’s experiences, they’d REVOLT. The suffering is cruel and heart-breaking, since it always involves one’s CLOSEST FAMILY.

    Many more now refuse to “protest” – WE REVOLT. Tax revolt is the non-violent answer, and offers myself and others a modicum of justice and fairness in light of this homophobic, bigoted, discriminating government that THINKS it can tax us unfairly without repercussions. [equality tax revolt]

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