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El Presidente: Inauguration Day 2009

January 27, 2009

Januray 20, 2009

Today I watched a biracial African-American man get sworn into office as president of the United States. The representation of that moment is profound to me. All of the oppression  that Americans of African decent have faced- from slavery to a legal system that turned a blind eye to us in the aftermath of 1865, for a black man to become our Commander in Chief speaks volumes. The times that I live in must be very significant if we, as Americans, can go from a prime government crook such as George W. Bush to an African-American optimist such as Barack H. Obama.

I remember having a conversation with my relatives my junior year of high school talking about the possibility of having a black president. I remember them saying firmly, that we can never have a black president to lead America. They told me that this is a white man’s world, and that it will never allow the people to elect a black leader. This wasn’t a surprise to me; I’ve been told that my entire life. So when a figure such as Barack Obama comes along, not just any common black guy, but a very intelligent well educated man with a ferocity to convey his messages just as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – it means the world. I cried for such a great achievment on inauguration day. He motivated more young black Americans single-handedly than I think almost any other leader have ever done before.

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  1. Sabi permalink
    January 30, 2009 5:59 pm

    I think you’re completely right. Obama has inspired a whole generation to stand up and take notice in the political world. He is motivating and changing the way young African Americans, hell, young minorities in general, feel and think about the political system and how they feel about moving up in this country. They have hope for themselves, not just the future. True, it’s a lot of pressure being put on Obama, but I think (and hope) he can stand up to the challenge.

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