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The Prop. 8 Revolution: The Great March of November 15

November 17, 2008


On November 15, 2008, I felt like I was apart of history. I traveled to Los Angeles, made friends with a group of lesbians that I didn’t know, and then participated in a very lively demonstration. There were thousands of people at the Los Angles protest. Thousands more protested throughout the nation, and even the world. Before marching in the demonstration around Downtown Los Angeles, I ran into internet celebrity Chris Crocker, who is a chill person. There came a moment when everyone gathered around the freeway overpass of the 101 freeway. It was an amazing sight seeing hundreds of people gathered at the rails of the overpass cheering, waving flags, gathering supports for the hundreds of cars below that passed and honked and supported us; some people sticking their “No on 8” signs or rainbow flags out of their windows as they passed. The freeway scene was the most memorable moment of that day. I have a fear of heights, and was somewhat thrilled and frightened to stand at the freeway railing with no fence to save me or anyone else from accidentally falling over into moving traffic below. As the rally began to wrap in Downtown LA, the crowd grew more militant and challenged the LAPD about marching in the streets. Thankfully, no one was beat. The rally later relocated to Hollywood, I couldn’t make the second protest. I felt like I was apart of a bonafide gay rights movement. Never in U.S. history have I seen so many people out to support LBGT issues. At least half of the people at the rally were heterosexual. I saw just as many straight couples as I saw gay couples. Proposition 8 is not just a “gay issue.” The world came to the feet of California to support our injustice, because an injustice here is just as bad as an injustice anywhere else. We are Americans.

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