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The Prop. 8 Revolution

November 15, 2008


California is stealing some of Obama’s shine as proposition 8 becomes an issue that has captured the attention of the entire Nation. The Supreme Court of California overturned the ban on same-sex marriage on May 15, 2008 declaring it unconstitutional. California became the second state in the U.S. that legalized same-sex marriage, after Massachusetts. Vicious conservatives, primarily driven by religious institutions pushed for a proposition that would eliminate the rights for same-sex couples to marry. The proposition came to be known as proposition 8, and soon after it passed went from a state-wide issue to a national issue. Americans are starting to realize that separate but equal is wrong, second class citizenship is wrong, religious institutions controlling the state laws is wrong, and the people disadvantaged have every right to fight back. It is not okay to OK hatred. It is never okay to OK hatred. And no matter how nice people try to present their Yes on 8 argument, it is a form of hatred, Just like with the issue of slavery and Jim Crow, you either support it or you don’t. You either support bigotry or you don’t. It’s quite simple. And yes sexual orientation can be compared to the racial oppression of US history, because those battles too were based on legal oppression and the fight for basic civil rights. Blacks who get upset about gay-rights being compared to the civil rights movement must forget that the civil rights movement wasn’t just for black people- it was for all oppressed people of color. And regardless of what anyone says- gay people don’t choose their orientation- their orientation chose them. We have gone through these periods of American history in which we have conquered ignorance and progressed.

The passage of proposition 8 is one of the most counter-productive happenings thus far of the 21 century, with the exception of the Bush administration.

The fight for equality is not over. It did not die with election week. November 15th, 2008 a national protest will take place, and the country will speak against the injustice of California. You can’t shove shit in people’s face and expect them to smell it. You can’t shove second-class citizenship upon same-sex couples and expect them to accept it. It is unacceptable.

And also, white gay activist that feel the need to scapegoat California’s black voters because 70% of them voted Yes on 8 need a serious reality check. I can honestly say that I am very disappointed that my community, the black community, can be so homophobic at times. We let our churches and our agenda-driven preachers think for us instead of thinking for ourselves. Black folk have got to think outside of the church, we must not let our religions brainwash us so much that we can no longer rationalize. It is no surprise that the black community has been homophobic- so have many other ethnic groups: Latinos as well, and especially Middle Easterners. American society in general is homophobic. The black community must collectively improve its way of thinking when it comes to gay rights- BUT….

It is ignorant, racist, stupid, and downright hypocritical to blame black voters for passing prop. 8.
How hypocritical and counter-productive is that?! The same people that celebrated us electing our first African-American president want to turn around and attack black voters?

If they want do something progressive about Prop. 8. Ask all the gay people who were too apathetic to protest before November 4th, why they would rather dance in the clubs than fight for something that so personally affect them. Question the churches that donated millions of dollars to Yes on Prop. 8. Boycott the companies that donated money to Yes on 8. But don’t scapegoat blacks. We don’t even make up a majority of California voters, Caucasians do! And don’t allow people around you at the No on 8 rallies to spew such ignorance and bigotry around you. Call them out! Let them know that they are being worst than the Yes on 8 people and if they have that kind of attitude they should leave the protest, because LBGT people of all races colors, religions, and sizes are fighting for issues that directly affect us- including black LBGT people. And we will not stand by and let ANYONE disrespect our family and loved ones who disagree with us about Prop. 8. We can debate Prop.
8 without being barbaric!

The gay community needs unity, and you can’t celebrate President-Elect Obama and then turn around and say- “It’s the Blacks fault that Prop.
8 passed!”

That would make you a bigot, a hypocrite, and profoundly ignorant person.

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