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Breaking News: Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America

November 5, 2008


Our Pocket of History

Today is November 4, 2008. Today millions of Americans went to the polls to vote for the next president of the United States of America. The 2008 presidential election is possibly the most significant election in American history. We are on the verge of changing the course of American history. America has been a country that have a strong history of being ran predominately by older white males. Obama’s success signifies the beginning of the end of white supremacy in American government, and that is why his CHANGE is in fact change, and that is why his presidential campaign has been considered historical. Rejection of Senator John McCain is a rejection of the old world and antiquated ways of thinking. Rejection of McCain is the rejection of cronyism, elite favoritism, and insensitivity to minorities and the poor. Barack Obama is change that we can believe in. And although I and other liberal supporters may not agree with everything he advocates, he is the spark for the fire that will burn on to ignite the essential change that will truly progress America. So far Barack Obama have McCain beat with electoral votes. There is a good chance that we will elect our first African-American president tonight.



Below I will publically announce my votes for the California ballot.

Proposition 1A- Yes

I was on the fence about this proposition because it is so expensive and I wouldn’t see any concrete results until 30 years from now, but for the sake of reducing pollution, reducing traffic, and providing more convenient transportation for Californians statewide, I decided to vote to support the $40 billion measure to connect northern and southern California with public transportation. Imagine living in Loma Linda and working in San Francisco. It could be possible if this measure is passed.

Proposition 2- Yes

Called “The PETA Initiative,” it is a progressive measure meant to protect confined animals on farms. As a vegetarian/vegan it is very important that this measure gets passed. There is no excuse for mistreating animals and allowing them to suffer, not even for profit or to save money.

Proposition 3- No

I was very undecided about this amendment until the very moment I voted at the poll-booth. I decided to vote against the Children’s Hospital Measure, because I didn’t want to contribute to giving money to an already elite corrupt healthcare system, nor did I want to risk having that money fall into the wrong hands or having it be used for the wrong reasons.

Proposition 4- NO

I think it is sad that some people can’t get their acts together, wake up and realize that they can not impose their moral believes on a whole society. Prop. 4 is regression for abortion rights. Always be suspicious of a law that takes away rights from people.

Proposition 5- NO

Like Prop. 3, I was undecided until the very moment I was at the booth. But I voted no to keep hard drug dealers off the street, and to avoid funding more money to the California prison system.

Proposition 6- NO

I wanted to vote for this prop. to seriously reduce crime in California, but this prop. directly took away money from education, health care, and environmental issues. That didn’t sit well with me.

Proposition 7- NO

Sounds great on the surface, but read the fine print. It ultimately raises electricity bills, put smaller independent energy facilities out of business, and major credible energy organizations oppose this proposition.

Proposition 8- NO

The most important proposition to me and many others; I protested against this proposition more passionately than I have any other proposition, because it hit home. As I said with prop. 4, always be suspicious when there is a law that takes away rights from the people. It’s time to move past antiquated prejudice give people their rights, whether you agree with homosexuality or not. Everyone deserves the right to marry. I voted no on this hateful bigoted proposition.

Proposition 9- NO

I wanted to avoid supporting a corrupt justice system as much as possible. Don’t these people get paid enough. (I don’t seriously believe this money will go towards victims’ rights.)

Proposition 10- NO

A false energy scheme used to hand over a billion dollars to the billionaire that got the proposition on the ballot. This prop. needed to be thoroughly researched, because on the surface it too sounds progressive. Boone, the billionaire that put up the proposition, ironically was a big business oil man that cashed in on “alternative energy” to expand his profit.

Proposition 11- NO

Opens doors for the abuse of power.

Proposition 12- Yes

A widely supported reasonable proposition.

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