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Vote NO on Prop. Hate!

October 26, 2008

Last night, my partner and I attended a “No On Prop 8” rally. The crowd was diverse, of all ages, and of different races. We stood on the curb on Tyler street in Riverside, CA for about 3 hours with a total of about 40 people spread out on 4 corners holding up signs and protesting against Proposition 8. There were heterosexual couples there, homosexual couples, and children of gay parents. Surprisingly most of the drivers that passed supported us, some cars (at least 6 over the 3 hours I was there) stuck a rainbow flag out of the window and waived it to endorse our cause. Heterosexual couples passed blowing their horns and giving us thumbs up, many different people from many different walks of life supported us. We put smiles on a lot of people faces that maybe felt alone and thought that the state and its people were out to get them and snatch away their rights. But from the results of what we saw last night, Riverside does not support Prop. 8. There were much more people who honked their horns in support than people who gave us thumbs down, shook their heads, and disagreed with us. We even had some undecided voters who we were able to convince to agree to Vote No as they waited at the red light in front of us. There were of course some people who shouted out to us, “Yes on Prop. 8” And there were even some hateful people who shouted out “fags!” to us. And towards the end of the evening, a group of about 7 young white guys, looked like teenagers, came with their “Yes on Prop. 8” banner and attempted to disrupt out rally. They went further down  on the sidewalk from us and stood there for about 20 minutes gaining the support of the people who disagreed from us. A crazy guy walking back and forth on the sidewalk with his bible under his arm kept yelling and screaming at us and violently verbally attacking us. Although a peaceful demonstration, I was ready to knock the dude out. The kids got tired and eventually left, we continued to protest. We were successful.

I urge people to seriously take into consideration all of the lives that can be ruined from voting “Yes on prop. 8” Why vote on legislation that will take away a right? Why hurt others that are simply trying to live their lives, happily, peacefully and fairly?

Prop. 8 is destructive and hateful. No matter how innocent or justifiable they make their argument to be… hate is hate. And you can’t escape the truth.

See my Prop. 8 page

Prop. 8 page

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