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Some People Don’t Want to Be United: The Racist Nazi McCain/Palin Supporters

October 19, 2008

As indicated by recent surveys, McCain suporters are primarily white conservatives, but it is not the same case with Obama suporters. Obama supporters tend to be diverse across many racial, religious, and socio-economic fields. Although it shouldn’t be, race HAVE been an issue in this election. There are many people excited by the very thought or idea that a black man is running for president so they are eager to vote for him. But I think that it is more to it than that. It is not just the fact that Obama is black that people are voting for him (one professional poll indicated that over 90% of black voters support him), but it is also the fact that he is a Democrat, he has a great personality, he has good character and charisma, and he worked with the inner-city of the South Side of Chicago. There are many people who can relate to him on a personal level. And his race not only changes an unacknowledged history of totalitarian-like history of older white male leaders, but it is the icing on the cake. And that is why simple-minded people are voting for Obama without thoroughly investigating his political proposals and policies.

On the other hand… as time pass, the more aggressive and  irrational McCain supporters get. Within the past few weeks we have seen McCain/Palin supporters be so ruthless as to shout “Kill Him” and “Terrorist” at their rallies. These are people that would usually be put in the same category with the mentally insane whose logic assures them that a black man running for president is so threatening to them and that they would rather see him dead than take office; these are McCain/Palin supporters. Now I’m intelligent to obviously know that ALL of their supporters aren’t like that and Mccain and Palin supposedly doesn’t condone them, but they didn’t aggressively condemn them either. At the Mccain rallies he whips up emotions in people who are dangerously anti-Obama… people who I wouldn’t doubt attempt to lynch him if Obama was caught in the middle of that crowd. Their hatred for him is strong, and they have so strong rational, or valid reason to show SO MUCH animosity towards him. McCain have 2 weeks to influcence to vote for him. But he and his supporters resemble Nazi Germany more than they do rational Americans. His campaign is a mask for a racist society that refuse to give up its power and white supremacy. And along the way they carry along some token supporters of color- the “Uncle Toms” and house-slaves. The videos below are several examples of how dangerous the Mccain campaign really is:

In this clip, McCain tells his supporter that Obama “is a decent person” and they “shouldn’t be afraid of him.” And the crowd is so racist and cynical that they start to boo McCain simply for saying that. Well, at least we know McCain’s supporters are more nuts and hateful than he is.

A few videos below of psychotic Republicans screaming “Kill Him” and “Terrorist” in regards to Barack Obama

And this video shows not only how racist McCain/Palin supporters are, but also how stupid and uneducated many of them are as well. It is nevertheless very disappointing and very sad.

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